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Being a member means you have the option to receive our newsletter, access to resources and materials in the members area of our website and the opportunity to have your say in the running of a club by voting at our annual AGM or standing for the Committee.  You can decide how active and involved you wish to be - we welcome everyone’s contribution, whether it is painting flats every Saturday morning (when we are allowed) or coming along to the Tuesday sessions that interest you.

We are very happy for any prospective new members to attend a few sessions BEFORE making a firm decision to join.  Assuming you make the decision to join our happy throng, we ask you to fill in a membership form, make arrangements to pay your membership fee - by monthly standing order is our preference and is easier for individuals as well - and we vote you in. Contact the Secretary for forms via or downlaod in word below. Email completed membership form to and send the bank form completed to your bank

If you have any further questions about membership, please email us on or contact us via our Facebook page.

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