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We are an amateur society who have been entertaining the people of West Bridgford and beyond since 1949. Over the years we have had many homes, but since the late 1980s we have been based at our own Studio Theatre at the end of Stamford Road in West Bridgford - near the Willow Tree pub, which is convenient!

We are a company limited by guarantee, company number 01671745 with a board of directors and annual accounts.

Over the years we have performed hundreds of plays which you can find on our Past Productions page.

We like to perform a variety of plays, and will normally enter them into the local Oscars called "Nanda Awards".

Last year we won two awards - Barbara Seymour for Best Director and Kathyn Tuddenham and team for And Then There Were None.

We have about 70 members, and they all have a say in how the society is run.

We are also very sociable, and like to mix up social events and theatre related events. Come and check us out - our society calendar explains what happens on a Tuesday evening.

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