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A Letter from the General

by Maurice McLaughlin

24th- 28th November 2009


A drama set in a far eastern country being overrun by the Communists in the 1950s. A Catholic Mission is being forced to close, and one of the nuns is Godmother to the General who is leading the revolution

Director: Sarah Banks

Production manager: Dawn Cochrane


Sister Magdalen Beryl Hoyle

Sister Henry Dawn Cochrane

Sister Bridget Gabrielle Dobson

Sister Lucy Linda Stafford

Captain Lee Malcolm Todd

Reverend Mother Michelene Harris

Ruth Skelton Penny Lewin

Arthur Stilton Robert Dixon

Father Schiller Tony Vokes


Stage Manager Linda M Stafford

Set Designer Andrew Straw

Set Construction Team Ritchie Sharpe, Michelene Harris, John Banks, Sarah Banks, Linda M Stafford & Members of the Society

Lighting and Sound Design Ritchie Sharpe

Props and Costume Michelene Harris, Clare Starr, Candice Gush

Lighting Operation Alex Ball

Sound Operation Ritchie Sharpe

Assistant Stage Managers Jacky Tivers, Coralie Farmer

Prompt Adrian Bacon

Front of House Manager Bill Kelly

Publicity Justine Robinson

Box Office Mo Parker-Eames

Programme John Banks

Poster Martyn Parker-Eames


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