All at Sea

by Vanessa Brooks

23rd - 27th February 2016


When the two winning couples of Meteor TV's Star-Crossed Sweethearts head off for a romantic reunion cruise on board the Sovereign, little do they realise what adventures lie ahead. A black comedy of romance and rust on the high seas.

Director: Rob Dixon

Production Manager: Malcolm Todd


Annette Amanda Harris

Marcus Jerome Foley

Maria Kristina Linnell

Gus Luke Bratton

Graham Richard Young

Debbie Vic Carr


Stage Manager Lynn Burges

Set Designer & Sound Operator Isi Dixon

Set Construction Lead Andy Bakewell

Lighting Design John Banks

Sound Design Ritchie Sharpe

Lighting Operator Dom Gaskell

ASM Penny Lewin

Prompt Claire Snowdon

Front of House Managers Ali & Andy Bakewell

Costumes Jan Dizon

Programme Ali Bakewell

Photography Dawn Cochrane

Poster Design Martyn Parker-Eames