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'Allo 'Allo

by David Croft and Jeremy Lloyd

23rd - 27th February 2010, 2nd - 6th March 2010


Based on the hugely popular TV series, the stage version of 'Allo 'Allo follows the

adventures of Rene, the hapless cafe owner in war-torn France, as he and his wife Edith struggle to keep for themselves a priceless portrait of the Fallen Madonna stolen by the Nazis and kept in their cellar. Hilarious complications ensue featuring two British airmen, a radio disguised as a cockatoo and a knockwurst sausage... Familiar characters such as "Good moaning" Crabtree, "I shall say this only once" Michelle and "Whata mistakea to makea" Bertorelli return to delight audiences.

Director: Chris Robinson

Production manager: Alison M Murray


Lieutenant Gruber Adrian Bacon

Captain Alberto Bertorelli Andy Bakewell

General Von Schmelling Bill Kelly

Helga Coralie Farmer

Mimi Isi Dixon

Michelle Jacky Tivers

French Peasant Girl Jenny Pike

Crabtree Jerome Foley

Steve Dawn Leclerc

Edith LMS

2nd Airman/ German Soldier Malcolm Edwards

1st Airman/ German Soldier Mark Pearson

Rene Richard Young

Herr Otto Flick Rob Dakin

Yvette Sophie Patriti

Colonel Kurt Von Strohm Tim Farrow


Stage Manager/Set Designer Candice Gush

Sound Design Ritchie Sharpe

Props & Costumes Michelene Harris


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