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A Radio Play : Available from 6th March 2021


Director: Anna Hodkin

Who can forget the film, Casablanca! Set in the midst of World War 2, it has everything - a resistance fighter trying to escape from deadly peril, a corrupt chief of police with blood on his hands, a man who will do anything for the woman he loves and a ruthless Nazi official determined to get his man. And it's all set in the glamour of a Casablanca night club. This really is Hollywood at its finest.


Rick Dave Cochrane

Renault Dan Longbottom

Ilsa Margarita Papadopoulou

Count Laszlo Tim Farrow

Strasser Malcolm Todd

Announcer/Caselle Dom Gaskell

Ugarte/Heinze Ali Bakewell

Sam/Ferrari/Carl Rob Dixon

Berger/Sacha Jacky Tivers


Production Manager Lynn Burges

Sound Arran Mackay

Technical/Broadcast Dom Gaskell/Calum Sharpe

Box Office Jacky Tivers


You can download a copy of the programme for Casablanca here

Casablanca programme v2
Download PDF • 1.67MB


We are delighted that Barbara Seymour wrote an internal critique, that can be viewed here:

Casablanca WBDS Internal crit
Download PDF • 437KB


And thanks to Stephen Godward for the NANDA crit

Casablanca NANDA crit
Download PDF • 147KB

Rehearsal Photos - meet the cast behind the voices

Meet some of the Cast: Renault, Ugarte, Sam and Laszlo


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