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Families and Other Animals

An Evening of One Act Plays

by Various authors

8th -12th July 2014


Not Bobby by Nick Warburton

Director: Lynn Burges Anxious to complete yesterday's newspaper crossword, Frank finds the page missing. His mother, Pam, confesses to using it in the newly acquired rabbit's cage. Extracting the page, Frank is astonished to find the crossword is now complete. Could the rabbit, Bobby, be responsible ... ? A quirky, well-observed satire.

A Dog's Life by Pam Valentine

Director: Rob Dakin 'A Dog's Life' gives us a moving insight into the humour and pathos of life in a dog's shelter - from the canine perspective. Alternative Accommodation by Pam Valentine

Director: Craig Russell Recently widowed, Anna is visited by her three middle-aged children, who have decided that the family house must be sold and Anna moved either to a residential home or sheltered housing. Will Anna, wearied by recent emotional events, embrace their suggestions and succumb or find an alternative solution? A play which reflects many aspects of today's modern family life!

Production Manager: Jerome Foley and Victoria Carr


Not Bobby

Frank Adam Worton

Sophie Claire Hale

Ms Vincent Isi Dixon

Miss Bradfield Kristina Linnell

Pam Miranda Goldfinch

A Dog's Life

Warden Dave Cochrane

Woman Dawn Cochrane

Fritz Dylan Knight

Bump Flipper Cochrane

Fifi Isi Dixon

Ben Malcolm Todd

Ginger Miranda Goldfinch

Alternative Accommodation

Peter Adam Worton

Joy Claire Hale

Gemma Kristina Linnell

Anna Linda M Stafford

Bobby Teddy


Stage Manager Victoria Carr

Assistant Stage Manager Malcolm Todd

Set Design Annie Haley

Lighting Design Ali Bakewell

Sound Design Ritchie Sharpe

Light and Sound Operation Jerome Foley

Prompt Adrian Bacon

Front of House Manager Bil Kelly

Box Office Jacky Tivers

Publicity Lynn Burges

Programme Rob Dixon

Photography Scott Carver


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