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GHOST Writer

by David Tristram

14th - 18th May 2013


Ruby Penfold, a talented but tempestuous actress is discovered dead in bed, after a last-night party following her star turn as Ophelia in Hamlet, from a lethal cocktail of naughty pills and booze. Suicide? Misadventure? Or something worse? A year later, her playwright husband Edward, still deep in mourning, has moved into the attic room of one of his oldest actor friends, Alex. Alex wants him to move on. But Ruby has other ideas – she wants Edward to find out which of her co-stars murdered her. Will Edward stay sober enough to play his part? Will the murderer be unmasked? Will Ruby get her revenge? Confusion, slapstick humour, supernatural intervention and many pint glasses of gin later, you may find out…

Director: Malcolm Todd

Production Manager: Justine Robinson


Alex Adrian Bacon

Ruby Penfold Coralie Farmer

Edward Penfold Craig Russell

Glenda Isi Dixon

Hedley Rob Dakin

Frances Sue Morgan


Stage Manager Rob Dixon

Set Designer Ali Bakewell

Set Design & Construction Andy Bakewell

Lighting Design Annie Haley

Sound Design Ritchie Sharpe

Props & Costumes Michelene Harris

Poster Design Charlotte Bakewell

Prompt Linda Stafford


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