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Goody Two Shoes

by Paul Reakes

11th -19th January 2013


Septica, an evil sorceress, has left her magic shoes with the Elf Cobbler for mending and, as they are her only comfortable pair, she is far from pleased when pretty Goody Coddle appears wearing them. Septica's revenge, and the wishes Goody makes while wearing the magic shoes, set in train a series of hilarious events which culminate in typical pantomime happy ending, with lots of slapstick fun, jokes along the way.

Director: Tony Vokes

Production manager: Mo Parker Eames


Goody Coddle Cordelia Maughan

Elf Cobbler Craig Russell

Rolo David Crundall

Polo Jerome Foley

Simon Lynn Burges

Titus Tightwad Malcolm Todd

Septica Michelene Harris

Teddy Coddle Ryan Hooper

Molly Coddle Tim Farrow

Cissie Vic Carr


Stage Manager Rosie Farrow

Set Designer Charlotte Bakewell


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