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Ladies Day

by Amanda Whittington

29th and 30th September 2021, both days either 2.30pm or 7.30pm

A radio play

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Director: Barbara Seymour

An exuberant comedy about four likely lasses from the Hull fish docks on a day trip to the races, from the author of Be My Baby.

Work, love and life are just one long, hard slog for the fish-filleting foursome Pearl, Jan, Shelley and Linda. But their fortunes are set to change when Linda finds tickets to Ladies' Day at Royal Ascot the year it relocated to York.

Out go the hairnets, overalls and wellies as the four ditch work, do themselves up to the nines and head off to the races for a drink, a flirt and a flutter. If their luck holds, they could hit the jackpot - and more besides...

Amanda Whittington's play Ladies’ Day premiered at Hull Truck Theatre in 2005 and has been revived many times since, including at the Royal Court in Liverpool and the Oldham Coliseum.

Find out by listening to WBDS’ radio play version of Amanda Whittington’s funny and touching play, presented by arrangement with Nick Hern Books, on 29th and 30th September 2021 at 2:30pm and 7:30pm.


Pearl - Lynn Burges

Jan - Amanda Pearce

Shelley - Rachel Ross

Linda, - Justine Robinson

Joe - Dan Longbottom

Fred - Tim Farrow

Jim McCormack - Tim Farrow

Patrick - Ali Bakewell

Kevin - Andy Bakewell

Barry - Adrian Bacon



Director - Barbara Seymour

Co Director - Lynn Burges

Production Manager - Justine Robinson

Sound Design - Arran Mackay

Technical Advisor - Chris Robinson

Box Office - Jacky Tivers

Tech Support - Dom Gaskell

Costumes - Michelene Harris

Photography - Margarita Papadoupolou

Publicity - Rob Dixon, Margarita Papadopoulou and Tony Tenniswood

Video Publicity


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