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Love & Marriage

An Evening of One Act Plays A Light Lunch by Bridget Derret


In Room Five Hundred and Four by Jimmie Chinn


Seven Stages of An Affair by Lorraine Forrest-Turner

12 - 14 July 2012


A trio of plays on the theme of love, romance and relationships.

Director: Rob Dixon, Malcolm Todd, John Banks

Production manager: David King Taylor


Edie Dawn Cochrane

Todd Fellows and Tony Jerome Foley

Harry and Henri Justin Brockway

Older Edie LMS

Laura Cartwright Miranda Goldfinch

Richard Cartwright Rob Dakin

The Manager Rob Dixon

Caroline Vic Carr


Stage Manager Isi Dixon

Assistant Stage Manager Sophie Patriti

Lighting Design Ali Bakewell

Sound Design Ritchie Sharpe

Props for Room 504 Maureen Knight

Props and Costume for Room 504 Michelene Harris


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