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Midsummer Secrets

An Evening of One Acts

Daddy's Gone a Hunting by H. Connolly


Penalty by Stephen Smith

7th -11th July 2015


Daddy's Gone a Hunting

Liz and Simon are a young couple who have just had a baby and live on the ninth floor of a high rise. Liz is still something of a mystery to Simon, frustrated by her untidiness and her inability to be more open about her past. When Simon leaves the flat to visit his mother we find out why when Liz’s obsessive boyfriend from her university days bursts in threatening her and the baby. A light domestic comedy that quickly changes into a very tense drama.


In a hotel room in Azerbaijan, Howard wakes up with a monster hangover. Proffering English tea and sympathy is ministry official, Yellena. Slowly, it emerges that Howard, who is to referee an important international football, has disgraced himself the previous evening at a dinner to welcome the UEFA officials. Or has he?

Director: Adrian Bacon and Chris Robinson

Production Manager: Vic Carr


Yellena Anna Hodkin

Liz Claire Hale

Simon Craig Russell

Tony David Knight

Rebecca Lesley Flounders

Howard Rob Dixon


Lighting and Fighting Ali Bakewell

Set Designer Annie Haley

Stage Manager Lynn Burges


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