Mother Courage and Her CHildren

by Bertolt Brecht

Dates 23 - 26 November 2022



A chronicle play of the Thirty Years War, Mother Courage and her Children was written in 1938 and first performed in Zurich in 1941.

Mother Courage follows the armies and her travelling canteen, selling provisions and liquor to the troops. She loses both her sons in the war, and her dumb daughter, Katrin, is shot as she beats a drum to warn the town of Halle of an impending attack.


The narrator - Dom Gaskell

Mother Courage - Lynn Burges

Katrin - Margarita Papadopoulou

Eilif - Calum Sharp

Swiss Cheese - James Wallace

The General - Adrian Bacon

The old Colonel - Tim Farrow

Yvette - Amanda Pearce

The Cook - Malcolm Todd

The Recruiter - Rob Dixon

The Chaplain - Stephen Herring


Director - Barbara Seymour

Assistant Director - Roxana Ciurean

Production Manager - Rosie Farrow

Props and Costume - Jo Sharpe

Lighting - Arran Mackay

Sound - Ritchie Sharpe

Box Office - Jacky Tivers