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My Own Show

by Lesley Bruce

18th - 22nd May 2010


A comedy drama about people connected to a TV chat show. Fay, the host of the show, has just been the subject of ‘This Is Your Life’. She has been mortified by those who appeared but more so by those who did not appear. It strengthens her fear that her career is on the wane. She uses one of her less popular ex-school friends to try to boost her ratings but the results are unexpected. The fickle nature of fame and the difficulties faced by older women on TV are cleverly dealt with in this sly and witty comedy.

Director: Beryl Hoyle

Production manager: Robert Dixon


Fay Ali Murray

Gillian Justine Robinson

Jude Linda Stafford

Allan Malcolm Todd

Bollards Michelene Harris


Stage Manager Rosie Farrow

Set Design Candice Gush

Set Construction Manager Andy Bakewell

Lighting and Sound Design Ritchie Sharpe

Props Penny Lewin

Lighting Operation Jerome Foley

Sound Operation Ritchie Sharpe

Assistant Stage Manager Steve Dawn

Hair and Makeup Ed Stirland-Jones

Prompt Adrian Bacon

Front of House Bill Kelly, Tony Vokes, David King-Taylor

Publicity Justine Robinson

Box Office Mo Parker-Eames

Poster and Photography Martyn Parker-Eames


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