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Performers in search of a production?

Auditions are being held on Thursday 30th July for West Bridgford Dramatic Society's next production. Please contact director Ali Bakewell for more details on the auditions themselves (including the Zoom link), the script and audition pieces.

WBDS is going to present three public performances of Luigi Pirandello’s play Six Characters In Search of an Author via Zoom in early November. It will have all the usual production values and there will be on-screen and off-screen roles available.

So what’s it about?

Some actors and a director meet to rehearse a play with the stage manager facilitating when six characters turn up out of the blue. (Only four have speaking roles - the other two are not fully developed as characters so will literally be 2D puppets) The characters are stuck in the Edwardian era in which they were created. They want to tell their story as their play was never written.

The director is persuaded to let them perform their story and there is a lot of banter with the actors telling them how to perform it better and the characters claiming only they know the real “truth” of the story. As the characters’ story unfolds we are led down a very dark and uncomfortable path.

There is a lot of comedy about the physicality of the theatre building that we can adapt to the absurdities/frustrations of Zoom.

Roles available

  • Actor 1 - Director - any age any gender (will initially improvise lines in rehearsals) Quite hefty role in all three acts.

  • Actor 2 - Stage manager - any age any gender (will initially improvise lines in rehearsal) This will be an amalgamation of five minor roles as is very busy in Acts 1 and 2 - must be Zoom savvy.

  • Actor 3 - Leading actress - any age female (will initially improvise lines in rehearsals) a total diva but not many lines to learn. Appears in all three acts.

  • Actor 4 - Juvenile Lead - playing age under 30 male (will initially improvise lines in rehearsal) a bit of a Lothario not too many lines mainly speaks in Act 2 but appears in all three acts.

  • Actor 5 - Supporting actor - any age any gender (will be improvising lines) a small role which may be enlarged during improvisation and who may be a puppeteer.

  • Character 1 - father - male playing age over 50 - the central role in the play with the most lines.

  • Character 2 - mother - female playing age over 45 - a passive role with consequently fewer lines mainly in Act 2.

  • Character 3 - stepdaughter - female playing age under 25 has a song to sing in the show - another central role with a lot of lines in all three acts. Please prepare a short verse or chorus to sing unaccompanied (eg. my old man said follow the van)

  • Character 4 - son - male,  playing age under 25 - tries to distance himself from his embarrassing family doesn’t say a lot of lines and really only participates in Act 3.

There are also a number of offscreen roles that we need to fill - get in touch with production manager Rosie Farrow for more information.


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