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Post Horn Gallop

by Derek Benfield

29th November - 3rd December 2011


Everyone at Elrood Castle seems to be looking for someone or something: whether that is Lord Elrood in search of the (imaginary) intruders, Miss P looking for “echoes of the past”, the criminals looking for Chester, Ada looking for a man, any man but hopefully Chester, Chester himself looking for a valuable painting……

Director: Sarah Banks


Mr Wedgwood Adrian Bacon

Lord Elrood Bill Kelly

Lady Elrood Linda Stafford

Maggie LMS

Chester Dreadnought Malcolm Todd

Ada Miranda Goldfinch

Miss Partridge Penny Lewin

Mr Capone Rob Dakin

Bert Rob Dixon

Patricia Suzanne Kerwin

George Willis Tony Vokes


Stage Manager Vic Carr

Assistant Stage Manager David Crundall

Assistant Stage Manager Coralie Farmer

Lighting Operator Benoit Ivernel

Sound Operator Isi Dixon

Props Ali Murray

Costumes Michelene Harris


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