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Six Characters in Search of an Author - Audio Described Video

An adaptation of Luigi Pirandello's play by Ali Bakewell

Because the show must go on-line


Audio Described Video

We have created an audio described version of our Six Characters live stream performance - available on out YouTube page.



6 Characters Prog v3
Download • 5.26MB


Some actors and a director meet to rehearse a play with the stage manager facilitating when six characters turn up out of the blue. The characters are stuck in the Edwardian era in which they were created. They want to tell their story as their play was never written.

The director is persuaded to let them perform their story and there is a lot of banter with the actors telling them how to perform it better and the characters claiming only they know the real “truth” of the story. As the characters’ story unfolds we are led down a very dark and uncomfortable path.


Ali Bakewell

Production Manager:

Rosie Farrow


Director Barbara Seymour

Stage Manager Calum Sharp

Actor 1 Lesley Flounders

Actor 2 Tim Farrow

Actor 3 Rachel Ross

Father Richard Young

Mother Jacky Tivers

Stepdaughter Savannah Dixon

Son Dom Gaskell


Assistant Director Margarita Papadopoulou

Backdrop Artist Annie Haley

Sound Design Arran Mackay

Props and Puppets Jan Dizon

Costumes Michelene Harris

Rehearsal Prompt Sue Scrimshaw

Box office - Jacky Tivers

Technical FoH Manager Calum Sharp and Dom Gaskell

Marketing and Publicity Rob Dixon

Poster Martyn Parker-Eames



We have many videos on our YouTube account.

Here is a link to the captioned live recording:

See below some information from the Director and some of the cast in two short videos:


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