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Ten Times Table

by Alan Ayckbourn

24th -28th November 2015


The leading lights of the village have decided to hold a pageant of local history based on a somewhat vague event, "The Massacre of the Pendon Twelve". But there's a young left wing teacher on the committee who decides to turn it into a rally for proletarian revolution. Committee meetings become symbolic battlefields for conflicting views - the right wing faction being led by the Chairman's conservative wife.

Director: Sarah Banks

Production Manager: David King Taylor


Helen Amanda Harris

Audrey Beryl Hoyle

Eric Craig Russell

Phillippa Isi Dixon

Donald John Banks

Sophie Lesley Flounders

Laurence Luke Bratton

Ray Rob Dixon

Tim Tim Farrow

Charlotte Tim Farrow

Max Adrian Bacon and Jack Chaplin

Bernard George Shaw


Stage Manager Penny Lewin

Set Designer Adam Worton

Lighting Designer John Banks, Ali Bakewell

Sound Designer Ritchie Sharpe

Lighting Operator Dom Gaskell

Sound Operator Malcolm Todd

ASM Jacky Tivers

ASM Linda M Stafford

Props Ali Bakewell

Props - Muskets Andy Bakwell

Props - Philip the Horse Ali Bakwell with Candice Gush, Annie Haley, Caroline Todd, Lynn Burgess and members

Costume Adrian Bacon

Front of House Manager Jerome Foley

Publicity Ali Bakwell

Box Office Jacky Tivers

Photography Dawn Cochrane

Programme Sarah Banks and John Banks


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