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The Anniversary

by Bill Macilwraith

16th - 20th May 2017


Keeping a tight rein on her three sons, Mum's plans for an anniversary celebration bring out rebellion among the sons and her long-held reign is ended at last.

Director: Tony Vokes

Production Manager: Rosie Farrow


Karen Anna Hodkin

Shirley Becky Truelove

Terry Dan Longbottom

Tom Luke Bratton

Mother Michelene Harris

Henry Rob Dixon

Children's Voices William O'Malley, Thomas O'Malley, Elliott Cochrane


Stage Manager Linda M Stafford

Set Design and Construction Andy Bakewell

ASM Sue Scrimshaw

Lighting Design Ali Bakewell and Dom Gaskell

Sound Designer Ritchie Sharpe

Lighting Operator Dom Gaskell

Sound Operator Penny Lewin

Prompt Malcolm Todd

Props Jan Dizon and Sarah Banks

Costume Adrian Bacon and Amanda Harris

Box Office Jacky Tivers

Front of House Manager Caroline Todd

Publicity Rob Dixon


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