The Edge Of Darkness

by Brian Clemens

22nd - 26th May 2012


Emma returns after a disappearance of several years and is suffering severely with amnesia. Why does she seem familiar with certain Russian phrases? Why such a horror of a harmless silver bell, of a portrait on the wall, of knives? Is she really Emma Cranwell? A chilling mystery set at the turn of the century.

Director: Beryl Hoyle

Production manager: David King Taylor


Laura Cranwell Jacky Tivers

Penny Miranda Goldfinch

Max Cranwell Richard Young

Ivan Livago Simon Charvet

Hardy Steve Worthington

Emma Cranwell Suzanne Kerwin


Stage Manager Malcolm Todd

Assistant Stage Manager LMS

Assistant Stage Manager Vic Carr

Set Designer Annie Haley

Lighting Design Chris Robinson

Sound Design John Banks

Props Maureen Knight

Costumes Michelene Harris

Prompt Rosie Banks