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The Signalman

A Radio Play : To be broadcast 29 April 8pm, 30 April 8pm and 1 May 8pm: By Charles Dickens adapted by Matthew Harper

This production is licensed by Lazy Bee Scripts.


Director: Mark Buckley

"The Signal-Man" is a first-person horror/mystery story by Charles Dickens, first published as part of the Mugby Junction collection in the 1866 Christmas edition of All the Year Round. Adapted by Matthew Harper

This is a fabulous little ghost story where suspense, gripping story-telling and wonderful characterisation come to the fore. This adaptation by Matthew Harper explores the terror and climaxes that exist in the original short story by Charles Dickens, which was first published as part of the Mugby Junction collection in the 1866 Christmas edition of “All the Year Round”. Harper has remained faithful to that plot, whilst exploring the themes of tension and misunderstanding between the two main characters in more depth. Dickens’ original story allegedly took inspiration from the Clayton Tunnel Crash of 1861 and topics from that time of the Victorian period have also been explored during conversation between the Gentleman and the Signalman.

We have set this interpretation in the time it was written, with sound effects reflecting a setting of a railway line and signal box in 1860s Victorian England.

Although adapted for the stage as a one-act play, this will be done as a radio play.


29th April at 8pm

30th April at 8pm

1st May at 8pm

Links are only for the time and date booked due to licensing


Tickets are FREE. Tickets available now.

The broadcast will start at 8pm and will not be available to view later.

When tickets are available, please book via the link

You will be sent a link to YouTube for the date and time booked 24 hours before the broadcast. You can only listen at this time.

Please ensure you log in say 10 minutes before at 7.50pm on the day, to make sure you don't miss the start. You cannot listen later.

If you wish to donate:

If you wish to donate, we invite you to make a donation to The Theatre Support Fund during this challenging time.


The Signalman - Richard Young

The Gentleman - Malcolm Todd

The Policeman - Adrian Bacon

The Train Driver - Dom Gaskell


Director - Mark Buckley

Assistant Director - Annie Haley

Production Manager - Rosie Farrow

Sound & Editing - Arran Mackay

Sound Crew - Ali Bakewell

Technical Support - Dom Gaskell

Box Office - Jacky Tivers

Publicity - Rob Dixon and Tony Tenniswood


You can download a PDF of the programme here.

Programme v3
Download PDF • 3.39MB


Internal Crit by Tim Farrow

Download DOCX • 21KB

Nanda Crit by Bob Wildgust

Download DOCX • 21KB

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