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Under the Stars

by Richard Crane

7th - 11th March 2017


Stella and Regina are understudies in a West End production of a classical tragedy. Stella is a Method actress, passionate about the magic of theatre, whilst Regina is her cynically practical opposite, displaying an acerbic wit and resigned to knitting and shopping in Sainsbury's. When their double-crossing director brings in The Known Actress as the understudy for one of the stars, the two rivals unite in their resentment.

Director: Penny Lewin

Production manager: Rob Dixon


PQ Adrian Bacon

Known Actress Amanda Harris

Charles Luke Bratton

Regina Lynn Burges

Stella Sarah Banks

Voices of: Ritchie Sharpe, Justine Robinson, Ali Bakewell


Stage Manager Rob Dixon

Set Design Ali Bakewell

Set Construction Andy Bakewell

Lighting Design Ali Bakewell and Dom Gaskell

Sound Design Ritchie Sharpe

Lighting Operator Dom Gaskell

Sound Operator Isi Dixon

Prompt Michelene Harris

ASM and Props Jan Dizon

ASM Sue Scrimshaw

Costume Sarah Banks

Front of House Manager Caroline Todd


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